10 Reasons Jeera or Cumin Seeds are Great for Your Health

10 Reasons Jeera or Cumin Seeds are Great for Your Health

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Jeera or cumin seeds have been passed down from generations in India and the same has been put to use in most of the traditional dishes. It’s immensely beneficial health aspects are quite well known in the subcontinent and the same has now found to be having great attraction with people all over the world. Apart from its aromatic flavor, the jeera or the cumin seed as it is known in other countries helps in digestion, sleep disorders and also your sex life. Although there are several reasons for adding jeera to your dishes 10 reasons have been selected below that is perhaps the most important of them all.

First Reason: Provides digestive stimulation

One reason why we hesitate to take some foods and why we gorge on others is due to our salivary glands. The saliva stimulates the food we take and provides safe passage for digestion. Some food creates more saliva while some do not. The cumin seeds help in stimulating the food we eat and you may easily succeed in eating food that is mixed with it. It also means a good flow of saliva that in turn helps in digestion. You may take the following remedies if you are suffering from digestion or increase in body weight.

Remedy: You may boil a glass of water by adding a teaspoon of cumin seeds. You will soon see that the water turning brown and when this happens you may switch off the gas. You need to allow the water to cool down so that it attains the room temperature. This concoction should be drank everyday for at least 3 times a day. This will help your digestive organs to function well. If you need to reduce your weight then you may add cumin seeds with a banana daily.

Second Reason: Solution for constipation

It is seen that jeera contains high fiber content which fires the activity in and around the gastrointestinal tract. This again stimulates the secretion of the enzyme associated with ease of digestion. It is because of this reason why jeera is also used as a natural laxative and especially so in Ayurveda where the practitioners have seen it acting as a good remedy for severe digestive disorder and piles.

Remedy: If you wish to have immediate relief for constipation then you need to roast cumin seeds on a pan till it turns deep brown. After laying it aside to cool down you may grind it into fine powder. Later mix this powder with honey and water and then consume it on empty stomach. You may otherwise take jeera tea on empty stomach.

Third Reason: Good for BP and Heart

It has been seen that cumin seeds are high in potassium and therefore provides excellent benefits to heart patients and people with high blood pressure through proper regulation mechanism. It helps in maintaining and regulating cell production and also helps in keeping the electrolyte balance of your body. It is this unique act of regulating the blood pressure and heart that it is in good position to prevent any heart or BP problems in people. This regulating mechanism is unbelievable in such tiny seeds.

Remedy: Those patients having problems with their heart or blood pressure may drink a glass of water with cumin seeds in the early morning preferably on an empty stomach. This if regularly followed would give you very positive effect on your heart and BP.

Fourth Reason: Mitigating acute Asthma and Cold

It has been proved through generations that cumin seeds or jeera has very good anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties inherent in it. This makes it an excellent remedy against both cold and asthma, mild or acute. It greatly reduces and soothes the inflamed muscles and boost overall immunity and helps in fighting any infections.

Remedy: If you have cold or are prone to asthma then you need to boil 2 cups of water by adding a tablespoon of jeera into it. You also need to put few pieces of crushed ginger into this compound and then allow it to boil. You then filter it into another cup and then sip it slowly throughout the day as and when you find that your throat is sore or having bouts of asthma.

Fifth Reason: Prevention of Anemia

Studies have revealed that the cumin seed contains great quantities of iron the deficiency of which is the main reason why people have anemia. In fact for every 100 grams of cumin seeds you get around 11.7 milligram of iron. Since iron is the main component in the production of hemoglobin any increase of iron would ensure that oxygen is carried through the blood quite efficiently. Since, oxygen deficiency is directly related to anemia cumin seeds consumption always prevent anemia.

Remedy: The best way to consume jeera is to add it to most of your dishes and curry that you consume everyday. The same is true especially for women who are more prone to anemia.

Sixth Reason: Improving Sex Life

If you surprised then you will be even more bewildered that the cumin seeds contain lots of zinc and potassium which is essential for good sexual life. The Zinc stimulates the production of sperm while potassium regulates your heart rates and your blood pressure. If you have erectile dysfunction problem or fertility problem then jeera is your best bet. Apart from this it also helps in preventing premature ejaculation, increases sperm counts and also enhances the virility of your sperm. Regular intake of jeera would keep your sexual organs in fine shape and you will always remain at the heights of your sexual prowess.

Remedy: There is a very simple remedy to these problems and that is to drink jeera tea every day on empty stomach and you will see results immediately. If the seeds are taken regularly then you will find that it had also enhanced your staying power while you are in bed with your partner.

Seventh Reason: Thwarts growth of cancerous tumors

Research studies on jeera have found that it has immense benefits to patients suffering from cancer and this is markedly so in kala jeera and not so much on the other varieties. It contains an active compound known as cuminalhyde and this thwarts the growth of cancer tumors. The other types of jeera are perhaps good for preventing any tumor to appear although research on this area is still quite little.

Remedy: For preventing the occurrence of cancer tumor in the future or mitigating the existing one you must mix jeer in all your diet and drink. This again needs to be taken every day.

Eighth Reason: Jeera for Pregnant Mothers

The seed has been found to mitigate risks connected with pregnancy whether it is for new mothers or those planning to become mothers. Its properties like removing constipation and nausea and mitigating digestive problems greatly help women who are pregnant. It also helps in smoothening of delivery and helps in increasing lactation for mothers. Apart from these there is always a high quantity of iron and calcium in cumin seeds and therefore helps in producing greater quantities of milk in mothers.

Remedy: Going-to-be-mothers and pregnant women are advised to take jeera along with milk and honey to get the most out of this. They must make sure to take it at least twice a day for better results.

Ninth Reason: Fighting out Sleeplessness

For those who are suffering from insomnia jeera is an excellent remedy for by taking it regularly they will be able to catch up with undisturbed sleep over a period of time. Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common disorder in many patients and although they may dose off now and then lasting for few minutes during the day they hardly get any sleep during the nights. This makes their body fatigued and they usually have no energy left to continue with their daily chores. Since, it is the brain that needs to be stimulated jeera can make things happen in a positive way to those patients suffering from insomnia. It must be noted that it is the human brain that controls sleep.

Remedy: You ought first to grind jeera into fine powder and then mix it in a pulp of ripe bananas. Eat this at least twice a day and you will see how sleep is coming back to you.

Tenth Reason: Memory Power

The tiny cumin seeds or jeera has the ability to not only enhance memory, but also to restore both memory and mental health in patients. Since ages Ayurveda has always made use of jeera for patients suffering from amnesia with astonishing results. Yet for any acute problem it is always advisable to check up with your doctor and do the needful. Jeera is surely good when it comes to gradual decrease in recollecting power.

Remedy: Roast a few seeds of cumin seeds or jeera and then chew them regularly on a daily basis. You will find good results soon.

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