12 Most Unhealthy Foods On The Planet

12 Most Unhealthy Foods On The Planet

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So many articles give light on healthy foods but only a few focus on unhealthy foods. So today we’ll look in to the foods you should avoid.

The foods we’re about to discuss not only hinder weight loss but also contain chemicals and additives that will ruin your health. Now, you don’t have to completely avoid these foods, unless you’re addicted to them. But you should eat them occasionally.

 1. Industrial vegetable oils

Refined vegetable oils like corn oil, soybean oil and canola oil have high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids. High consumption of these fatty acids can cause inflammation and has been linked to cancer.

2. Margarine

Studies have revealed that margarine isn’t as healthy as folks thought. It is made with unhealthy ingredients that can harm your health. Butter from grass fed meat cows is the best alternative.

3. French fries

Potato chips and French fries have high amounts of trans fats and lots of calories. In fact, various studies say that consumption of these foods has contributed to obesity.

4. Low fat yoghurt

Not all yoghurts are bad for you. But stay away from low fat yoghurts because they’re loaded with sugar.

5. Ice cream

Ice cream is delicious but it’s one of the worst foods out there. Your best bet is to make your own ice cream with less sugar and healthier ingredients.

6.Processed cheese

While unprocessed cheese is healthy, processed cheese is made with unhealthy ingredients that are designed to look and feel like real cheese.

7. Sugary beverages

Sugar has contributed to most of the health and weight gain problems in today’s world. Avoid drinks with added sugar because they’ve been linked to insulin resistance, weight gain and diabetes.

8. White bread

White bread is bad because it’s loaded with sugar. It’s also bad for folks with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Whole wheat bread is a little healthier.

9. Candy

Candy is loaded with added sugar, food coloring, and unhealthy fats. Some candies actually affect concentration in children.

10. Diet sodas

If you thought diet soda is good for your health, think again. Diet soda has ingredients which have been proven to cause cancer in animals, and could have the same effect on humans. You’re better off drinking teas and coffee.

11. Processed meats

Meats like sausages and bacon contain preservatives that hinder the body’s natural function and increase risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer.

12. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are high in sugar, calories, caffeine and other bad chemicals. One study found that energy drinks ruin teeth more than sodas.

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