3 Tips of Choosing the Best EDC bag

3 Tips of Choosing the Best EDC bag


An everyday carry (EDC) bag says so much about you, it is basically an extension of you as it is very functional in carrying some very important documents that you may need on daily basis. EDC bags are considered as anything that you put your personal effects that you may use while outside the house. The major types of EDC bags are pouches, backpack and the messenger bags. However, these are not the only available EDC bags; they are others such as briefcases.

Getting the best EDC bag for you needs substantial considerations of your needs and below is some of the considerations and tips of getting the best bag for your use.

  • Evaluate your daily needs; in many circumstances, there is a great difference between the bag you may need for the work life and the fun/casual life. What you put in your bag reflects the difference between the two lives. For instance, the work life EDC bag may contain items such as pens, notepads, USB storages, etc. while the casual/fun/weekend bag may have things such as snacks, family needs, etc. while looking for an EDC bag, it is very important to know the right intended use. Also, be on the lookout if your choice of bag will be enough to contain all the items that you may need.
  • The quality and workmanship of the EDC bag; while considering the style and fashion, it is also important to consider a bag that will last for long as you use it on daily basis. On average, the EDC bag would be used for a period of two years before it is replaced. For the best EDC bags, they are of top quality and they will still be intact at the end of the two year period and the only reason of changing it will be due to change of style. When buying an EDC bag, you should have it in mind that the price tag does not always determine the quality of the bag. It is thus very important to note very keenly on the bag quality.
  •  What’s the space needed in the bag? Space is very important fact in choosing the best EDC bag. As mentioned in the first factor, it is always good to ensure that the bag you settle for has enough space for all and any item that you may need to add in it. However, for spacing, it is solely dependent on the kind of use you need the bag for.

Above are the three major tips that will help you in settling for the bag that will suit your day to day needs. You will also be able to get the right value for your money.

Author Bio: Karen Cole is freelance writer in Health, Travel and Beauty industry but these days she is also working in Gear Niche and finding amazing tips to buy EDC bags and how people write EDC Bag Reviews.