4 Reasons Why You Need To Grow A Beard

4 Reasons Why You Need To Grow A Beard

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It doesn’t matter what age you are in life; there will come a time when one day you’ll decide to try and grow a beard. It might happen by accident; maybe you haven’t shaved in 5 days and suddenly you quite like how the facial fuzz is growing and want to see where it ends up. Other times you might fancy a change in life and figure a beard is a good place to start! Any man can grow a beard, although only some can do it well.

I never thought I could. It wasn’t until I found myself spending 6 weeks in a tent in New Zealand and I couldn’t be bothered to shave to realize I actually could, and it suited me. Since then I’ve never looked back.

So take it from me, here are 4 reasons why you need to grow a beard:

1. Women Love It

Like seriously. Since growing a beard, I’ve had compliments about it from my lady friends, some like the smell, while others run their hands through it to feel how soft it is. Nothing makes me feel more like a man than having ladies compliment me and seeing my luxurious beard in the mirror everytime I go to the bathroom.

Studies have shown that women perceive men with full beards to be mature, attractive and aggresive in nature, and when first impressions count so much with women, who wouldn’t want to be seen as more manly?

2. It Makes You Feel Masculine

As I said before, any man can grow a beard, but few can do it well. When you can count yourself as one of them, you can honestly feel like a proper man. In today’s society, few things scream manliness more than a beard, except perhaps muscles.

Hair growth and particularly facial hair growth are linked to Testosterone and how much we produce as men. Some guys produce more than others and it’s these men who have the full beards. Sure, they might have some chest and back hair to go with it, but no one sees that unless you want them too!

3. Beards require tenacity and self-discipline

And you thought growing a beard was easy! Just stop shaving and it’ll magically sprout in a luxurious mane of facial hair, am I right? Wrong!

Beards require tenacity and self-discipline throughout the growing process and beyond. If you’ve never tried to grow a beard before then let me tell you, prepare to itch. A lot. I found for me; the 2-4 week beard period was the worst as I was itching like crazy and couldn’t get my hands on beard oils or balms to stop it. They’ll come a day when it’s a good enough length and the itch will be gone, and believe me, that is a good day!

The self-discipline comes afterward when you’ve grown your beard to how long you want it to be and now you have to look after it. You’ll have to comb it daily to remove those tangles, make sure you dry it after a shower and apply a beard oil or balm to tame it and have it free from beard dandruff and flakes. Once you’ve done all of that, you have to trim your neckline and sharpen those edges up every couple of days if you want to look sharp.

It’s a full-time commitment but man oh man is it worth it!

4. You Will Look More Mature, Confident

This goes back to my earlier point of maturity and confidence that comes from a beard. You’ll find yourself looking in the mirror and liking what you see more and more. There’s a level of confidence that comes from maintaining your appearance and knowing you look great that comes with growing a beard.
It’s why guys with muscles and great fashion sense are so confident and get the girls. They know they look great, and the pride they take in their appearance translates across into confidence in themselves. This is what you’ll feel soon enough with your beard.

In regards to looking more mature, I discovered this by accident once I had a full beard. I introduced myself to a lady and we got talking, and she asked me my age. Feeling flippant I responded, “How old do you think I am?” She guessed I was 4 years older than I actually was! When I told her my real age, she blamed the beard for her original estimate.

Since then I regularly have a bit of fun having people guess my age and always enjoy their look of shock when I tell how old I am. It never gets old.