The 5 Secrets To Boosting Employee Happiness at Work

The 5 Secrets To Boosting Employee Happiness at Work

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A happy employee makes a productive employee and a positive work environment within your company. But what creates employee happiness and how do you help them achieve it? Is it all about the money or are there other effective alternatives?

Here are the answers to those questions with the five secrets to boosting your employee’s happiness at work with recognition, opportunity, and more!

1- Being Respectful and Trustworthy Are Non Negotiable

No amount of money, benefits, or recognition will ever make up for a supervisor who is disrespectful and untrustworthy. Above all values desired in the workplace, these two are the most important to possess.

Fostering respect and trust doesn’t take just one good interaction or meeting. It requires a long-term commitment to the company’s core values and mission statement. It also necessitates a positive relationship with employees by establishing an open line of honest communication, being fair in how company-wide policies are enforced, and having zero tolerance for discriminatory actions.   

2- Career Advancement Opportunities are Important

The best employees always have a yearning for learning and will need to be offered growth opportunities in order to maintain high levels of engagement in their work.

As part of the hiring process and regular training meetings, educate your employees on the various job opportunities and career paths that are available in the company. Offer an internal mentoring program, on- and off-site career development courses, and the chance to go to trade shows and conferences. Help employees set and reach their employment goals.

3- Creative Benefits are Appreciated

Yes, a pay raise is always appreciated by employees but sometimes that either isn’t an appropriate response or just isn’t possible. However, other compensatory benefits such as lower-cost health benefits, a higher company 401k match, and more paid-time-off days are very appreciated as well.

Here are a few more creative benefits to consider offering your hard-working employees:

  • A free or discounted gym membership
  • Gift cards to local restaurants
  • Event tickets
  • A reserved parking spot
  • Free snacks and beverages
  • On-site health services
  • Education or student loan debt reimbursement

4- Company-Wide Recognition is Valued

You might not realize it, but many employees actually deem recognition to be more valuable than money. In fact, according to a study by BambooHR, “Nearly one-third of employees would rather be recognized for their work accomplishments in a company-wide email from a company executive than receive a bonus of $500 that isn’t openly publicized by a superior to their coworkers.”

The same study found that 78% of employees say it would take $2,000 or more for them to choose to take the money rather than their company’s acknowledgment of an accomplishment.  Also, when companies don’t have an official recognition program, only 53% of their employees say they are satisfied versus 83% satisfied employees of companies that utilize a formal or informal recognition program.

These statistics show that the more employees are recognized from their superior for the part they play in their company’s success, the more satisfied they are with their job.

5- A Healthy Work-Life Balance is Desired

The days when employers can demand inflexible work schedules are waning. As a new generation of workers enters the business world, the creation of a better work-life balance is emerging.

Stress lowers, relationships blossom, and healthy habits are formed when employees are given more control over when and where they complete their work. A healthy personal life seamlessly transitions to a healthy work life and that’s when happiness levels skyrocket.

Another way to keep employees happy is to give them a healthy environment in which they spend most of their days. There are dozens of ways to achieve this but here are just a few:

  • Conduct walking meetings in the mid-afternoon
  • Offer standing workstations
  • Integrate exercise equipment into the workplace
  • Compete in health and fitness challenges
  • Encourage 10-minute power naps
  • Decorate the office with living plants
  • Expose staff to natural light
  • Consider distributing desktop air humidifiers or purifiers
  • Invest in eco-friendly products
  • Replace unhealthy snacks in the vending machines with healthy options
  • Train employees on proper ergonomics

Now that you know the five secrets of boosting employee happiness, implement them and enjoy the appreciation and great returns from your staff.