5 Steps To Organize Your Roadtrip In India

5 Steps To Organize Your Roadtrip In India

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After considering many options, spending a lot of time doing research on the internet and questioning your travel-addict friends, the destination you selected for your big roadtrip is… India! Lucky you! Now let’s leave place to preparation: here are some tips to help you organize your trip.

  • Plan your itinerary in advance

With its 3 166 414 square kms, India is the 7th biggest country in the world – you can fit 13 times Great Britain in it!No need to say that distances to go from one part of the country to another are very important.

And not only India is big, it is also very diverse in terms of culture and local habits. To be able to enjoy your trip as its best, find out about what its different regions have to offer, then draw your itinerary according to your tastes. You dream of buzzing cities and a great culture shock? Go to North India and Rajasthan! You are attracted by remote areas and like to discover incredible landscapes? Head off to the Himalaya! You prefer enjoying white-sand beaches and seafood? Leave it for the South – Kerala or Goa!

  • Choose your transport mode

Once your itinerary has been decided, the next step is now to choose how to you will go from one area to another.

Bus, train and plane are common options which you will be able to arrange easily, by going to local stations or on the internet.

Good to know: there is a quota of seats reserved only for foreigners in trains !

What about a motorcycle tour? If you can drive a bike, a less common alternative for your roadtrip would be to take advantage of all this time spent on the roads to ride. India has a very big two-wheels culture. Using a motorcycle across the country will allow you to get out easily from the cities’ traffic while being able to discover off-beat routes and being free of any transport constraints.

  • Choose your partners

Choosing the right partner to go on your roadtrip can seem like a random thing. But it actually is a very important step of your preparation – it will be a big composant of the success and the level of fun you will have during your trip ! Make sure you share the same vision of how roadtrip should be like: which places to visit? at which rythm ?

Small tip : whether you are two, four or more, travelling on even numbers always makes it easier for everyone !

  • Define your budget

Make sure that you and the persons you are travelling with are in line with your budget for the journey, as this will determine the transportation, type of accommodation and meals.

In India, accommodation can go from very basic (from 200 INR/night) to very luxuous – something for every taste and within everybody’s means! If you travel during the summer, remember that having a hotel with a pool once in a while can be a nice option to refresh from the hot Indian summer.

Street food in India is very cheap : you will be able to enjoy a complete meal for around 60 INR. This means rice, dal, vegetables, and bread in one of its specialty (naan/paratha/shapati…).

Looking at transports, taking buses will be the less expensive options to go from one place to another. If you are looking to rent a bike, motorcycle tours in India ends being a cheap option.

  • Shop

No roadtrip goes without a proper bagpack! Make sure that the one you choose is the right size for you, and is comfortable enough in your back. Try to wear it before going away.

The idea is not to charge it too much while still having your travel essentials always within reach.

If you are going during monsoon season, choose a waterproof bag and make sure to pack old sandals and a raincoat!

Find out about the weather in the different areas you will visit to choose adapted clothes. If you will only go to hot places, still make sure to bring at least one warm sweater. Over air-conditioned places can end up being very frisky!

Take also a medical kit with basic necessities, just in case you get unlucky with mosquitos or food digestion!

Now take your VISA, pack your camera and you are all set for your roadtrip! Make your friends and family enjoy your adventures in live by posting on your social media accounts… and have lots of fun!

Author Bio – Helena Dubrown is a freelance Travel writer and travel agent working in Asia like. She loves writing about motorcycle tour& explores the world on it.