5 Tips to Help You Organically Care for Your Naturally Occurring Curly Hair

5 Tips to Help You Organically Care for Your Naturally Occurring Curly Hair

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Beautiful, naturally curly hair adds the finishing touch to a stylish, well-groomed, professional looking image. However, people who have naturally occurring curly hair tend to have difficulties in keeping it healthy, smooth and manageable. Their hair consists of many individual delicate strands of hair.

No one with naturally curly hair wants to go out with hair that looks dry and uncared for. Unfortunately, there is no single product which will moisturize and prevent your hair from frizzing, splitting and breaking.

Anyone with curly hair knows what it is like to fret over the fact that curly hair can frizz, split and the ends can break off for no apparent reason. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is humid or whether it is dry; curly hair has a mind of its own. There seems to be no pattern to the unruly behavior of curly hair.

What do you do? How do you manage curly hair?

There are several chemical treatments available to keep your hair manageable, including the chemical relaxers and the Brazilian hair straightening treatment. The challenge with chemical hair treatments is that they tend to dry out your hair, and your hair can end up dry, frizzy and unmanageable.

However, in my opinion, the best curly hair products are organic products designed to keep your curly hair soft, shining and manageable. Apart from using organic products on your curly hair, it is also important to choose a holistic approach to moisturizing and strengthening your hair. In order for you to rock naturally occurring hair that is shiny, soft and manageable, here are 5 tips to help you care for your hair:

  • Cleanse your hair using an organic cleanser.

The best curly hair products contain extracts of pineapple and grapefruit to gently cleanse your hair without destroying the structure of the hair. Apply a liberal amount of the cleanser to your wet hair and slowly massage it into your hair. Rinse thoroughly, making sure that all the cleanser has been rinsed out of your hair.

  • Condition your hair with an organic conditioner

Organic conditioners contain essential oils which penetrate the shaft of your hair to strengthen and protect it. They also contain Shea butter and mango seed extracts to enhancing the conditioner’s ability to moisturize your hair.  The beauty of organic conditioners is that they are designed to strengthen your hair with every application. In other words, the more you apply the conditioner to your hair, the stronger the delicate strands of your hair become.

After you have finished rinsing the organic cleanser out of your hair, massage the conditioner into your hair and scalp, making sure that you cover every strand of hair. Once you have finished massaging the conditioner into your hair, rinse thoroughly and then pat your hair dry with a clean towel.

  • Deep Condition your hair with an organic masque

It is not enough to cleanse and condition your curly hair with the best organic curly hair products. Your hair needs an extra, special boost every four weeks or so. Apply a fortifying deep conditioning masque to your hair, according to the instructions, and leave it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to reconstruct damaged hair and rebuild weakened hair from within the hair shaft.

  • Moisturize your hair

Even with all the deep conditioning treatments, your naturally curly hair is still susceptible to drying out. In order to combat dry, lifeless hair, spray an organic leave-in moisturizer onto your hair. It hydrates your hair and prevents it from drying out.

  • Your healthy hair is reliant on a healthy diet

The hydration level of your hair is dependent on your diet. Eating green leafy vegetables, fruits, and grains, and lean proteins contribute towards maintaining healthy hair; however, drinking lots of water plays the largest role in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated.

Final words

By following a strict, holistic, healthy regime, you will soon be able to sport healthy, smooth and manageable curly hair. Is the hard work worth it? I think it is. How about you?


Ignacio D. Pena is an outspoken advocate of the importance of, and expert on, maintaining healthy naturally curly hair. She also consults to the beauty industry on the best curly hair products for use by people with naturally occurring curly hair.