7 Eco-Friendly Winter Home Improvements

7 Eco-Friendly Winter Home Improvements That Can Save You Money

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In the severe cold regions or regions that can have a bone-freezing winter the concept of ‘Eco-Friendly Winter Home’ is getting quite popular. Even more interest in it is also growing among a lot of people and an Eco-Friendly Winter Home is warm, safe to both health and nature. But a lot of us can’t think to economically prove for building one or hire people to do it for us. So here is our list of 7 Eco-Friendly Winter Home improvements that can save your money.

1. Find your leaks and seal them

There are leaks on your walls that plays a strong roll in out-sending the heat in your room and therefore finding those leaks and sealing them is sure a first step for improving your Eco-Friendly winter home its efficiency of energy and doesn’t cost you much. To seal the leaks you can use weather-stripping or sealant and a filling gun or any other method that suits you. And this also saves your electric bills by keeping your rooms warm and comfortable. Or, if you have a heating system as well you can read the manuals or search on the net to tune it yourself and save up to a 100$ to bring a guy to check it and tune it for you.

2. Update Your Thermostat

Updating your thermostat is a great idea for saving your money on you Eco-Friendly Winter Home. Having an outdated thermostat is not of much use to hit up your environment manually because replacing it with an updated one will allow you to control your temperature via the device automatically and saving your extra money for chimney-fire or any other else more over, to some updated models allow you to control it with your phone so when away from home you don’t have to come down all the way to change it when you see a sudden weather change. Not only this will provide help to you to control your room’s heat without any extra cost but it also will save you an amount from your electric bills.

3. If you have a Single-Pane Window, Replace it

A single-pane window is not of much help to keep the room-heat inside. So replacing your single-pane windows with double or triple pane windows is much better idea than costing a fortune behind long and costly procedures to keep the home comfortable. With a better depth the glasses will work as a shield for you and won’t insulate much.

4. Clean The Furnace Filter of Your Home

In winter when your furnace filter is blocked with snow and dust, the air-circulation is disrupted and your home starts getting excessive warmer and unhealthier. So cleaning the furnace filter or if necessary changing it is a handy way to improve you Eco-friendly winter home and saving some extra expenditure. Additionally replacing your old fashioned fireplace with smart ethanol fireplaces can drastically change the looks and energy consumption of your place.

5. Insulate your water heater

Well, a water heater heats up itself in order to heat your water. Thus finding a way for insulating the water heater and saving the extra electricity needed for a delayed heating it not only heats the water quicker than generally in winter, but as well saves you a percentage of your electric bills.

6. Invest in Efficient Lighting

For having longer nights in winter, the use of our lights increase and this adds up to the electric costs. Therefore using efficient lighting system will save your extra bills. Consider using LED lights and bulbs. This might be of a bit cost while buying them but you will be soon paid back with the savings in your bills.

7. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Inside the motor of every ceiling fan there’s a switch which can reverse the rotation of your fan. Just turn it opposite to its summer time place and the fan will be circulating in the opposite direction which instead of pulling the light weighted warm air up, rather will throw them down and keep your place warmer and you don’t have to bother or lose any money for the little extra heat you needed.

Dave Hawthorne is a public health professional living in Scottsdale. He loves to write about healthy living, fitness and nutrition. In his free time he usually goes out for cycling. While it comes to home improvements Dave suggests replacing old fashioned fire places with ethanol fireplaces for cleaner and eco-friendly environment.