7 Ways GINGER Improves Your Health (Fights cancer, reliefs stomach aches, helps fat loss, etc)

7 Ways GINGER Improves Your Health (Fights cancer, reliefs stomach aches, helps fat loss, etc)

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Adding ginger to your food can do wonders for your health. In fact, ginger was traditionally used as medicine for various conditions. And now science has backed the many benefits of ginger.

Gladly, there are so many ways you can add this delicious spice to your diets, you can put it in teas, meals, salads and so on. Here are 7 ways it will improve your health.

1. Fights Alzheimer’s and improves brain function   

Ginger and turmeric are two common home spices that fight Alzheimer’s. In one study ginger showed ability to reverse dysfunctional behaviors caused by Alzheimer’s. In fact, ginger improves brain function even in healthy people. Lastly, ginger is stimulant and it can actually help you stay alert.

2. Fights cancer

This study showed that ginger fights inflammation and reduces risk of cancer, especially colon cancer. I may also note that ginger has shown ability to shrink tumors and damage cancer stem cells. Ginger is so effective because of a compound called shogaol, which research says can help those who experience nausea from chemotherapy.

3. Reduces inflammation

Nowadays most diseases are caused by inflammation and oxidation. Well, ginger can reduce risk of most diseases because it’s an antioxidant and it eliminates inflammation.

4. Controls blood sugar and diabetes

While enough research hasn’t been done on the effects of ginger on diabetics, one study showed that ginger has a positive effect on lipid profile, glycemic status and other markers of diabetes. Using ginger in every meal can definitely help pre-diabetics and diabetics.

5. Boosts metabolism and enhances fat loss

According to research ginger enhances the thermic effect of food, increases satiety and boosts metabolism. This means you’ll burn more calories and lose fat faster. Taking ginger regularly will reduce chances of overeating, which is the main reason why most people don’t lose weight.

6. Better blood

Ginger prevents clotting of blood which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

7. Relieves nausea

You’re likely to experience nausea is you’re pregnant, stressed, or have a flu. Well, ginger has long been used to relief mild nausea. But you should definitely seek medical attention is your nausea is accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting and fever.

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