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I am a nutrition professional with a focus on mental health and gut health. I am also passionate about getting nutrition information out to the public so that others can take charge of their own health instead of living on meds. I help others who have tried the medical route and who are often are worse off because of it. Nutrition therapy has an individized approach and addresses root causes.


Stress? Anxiety? 8 herbs that can help!

Stressed? Anxiety? What herbs can do for you. Fast, Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Before I go into detail about the herbs that can help you to manage your stress and anxiety, I do want to… 0 Shares |

Fructose. What happens when you remove it from your diet?

Is Sugar Really that Bad? Fructose: What happens when you remove it from your diet?   By now most of you know to avoid and minimize your sugar intake. But do you really know why it is so important and what… 0 Shares |

Could this be the reason you are depressed? Statin Drugs: what you need to know

Statins and the Depression Connection: Were you depressed before you went on a Statin Drug? Statins appear to be correlated with the onset of depressive symptoms along with hostility, rage, suicidal ideation, suicide, and combativeness. Dr. Graveline from states… 0 Shares |

Are you consuming this thinking it’s healthy? Think again!

Agave Nectar: the sweetener you thought was healthy  Here’s the truth   I used to think Agave nectar was a good substitute in baked goods and in replacement of processed sugar too for many years. In fact, I gave my kids… 0 Shares |