Avoid These Foods Before Bed To Prevent Insomnia

Avoid These Foods Before Bed To Prevent Insomnia

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Most people sleep for less than the recommended hours (7-8 hours) or don’t get quality sleep every night. There are so many reasons we experience insomnia, and one of them is the foods we eat before we sleep. Eat the wrong foods and you’ll turn from side to side the whole night hoping to fall sleep.

I can’t guarantee avoiding these foods will fix your insomnia but you’ll definitely sleep better if you avoid them.


Tomatoes or any foods that contain tomatoes like sauces and soups can ruin your sleep. For one thing, tomatoes cause acid reflux which can cause unease especially when you’re lying down. Additionally, tomatoes are not easy to digest and this can cause discomfort if you eat them right before bed.

Spicy foods

Spices increase the body temperature, and it’s hard to catch sleep when the body is warm. In fact, if you want to sleep better get the body cold before bed. Spices also cause acid reflux.

Sugary foods

Sugar will give you a rush, which quickly drops and leaves you wanting more. Eating sugar or foods with added sugar a few hours before bed will mess with your moods and make it harder to sleep. Stay away from sugar in the evening and later afternoon.


Coffee or any beverages that contain caffeine will ruin your sleep. Caffeine stimulates the brain and keeps us alert. Note that it takes 6 hours for caffeine to be eliminated in the body. You’re better off drinking coffee in the morning than right before bed.


There’s this assumption that alcohol helps people sleep, but it doesn’t. It may make you fall asleep fast but it’ll prevent quality deep sleep. If you drink regularly you’ll notice that you lose sleep in the middle of the night. Once alcohol is digested it stimulates the brain and hinders sleep.

Carbohydrates with high glycemic index

Carbs with high GI cause blood sugar spikes which affects quality of sleep. When the blood sugars drop they cause sugar cravings. That’s why you may start craving sugar in the middle of the night.

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