What To Say To Someone Who Is Pro GMO

What To Say To Someone Who Is Pro GMO

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I have had numerous arguments with individuals who are pro-GMO’s; the funny thing is, at least, half of them do not even understand what that acronym means! Most, haven been told by the mainstream media, the government, Monsanto and ignorant people in general that Genetically Modified Organisms are a good thing and that they will produce greater yields and will help feed the poor, etc. I tell them that is simply not the case, and they often look at me as if I was speaking a different language!

They don’t believe me at first, I am a big believer in skepticism, you should never just take anything at face value. Indeed, you should question everything but shouldn’t that same level of skepticism that is directed at anything that falls outside of the official narrative also be directed at the 6pm news, the claims of politicians, corporations, etc.?

I find that the quickest way to shut down a pro-GMO sheeple is to compare GMO crops to conventional crops and when I say conventional crops I am not even talking organic. Firstly I give a quick explanation of how most GMO’s are created. Scientists at Monsanto discovered a strain of bacteria that is resistant to Herbicide (Roundup) so they mixed the DNA of that bacteria with  food crops, the advantage of that is: you can spray the entire field with herbicide, all the weeds will die and your food crops will survive albeit they are now covered in toxic chemicals.  Also mixing DNA between two different species is not something that would occur naturally.

So with most conventional crops you normally have food that is covered in fungicides and pesticides (2 carcinogens) compared to a GMO crop that is covered in fungicides, pesticides and herbicides! (3 carcinogens) Which is worse? 2 carcinogens or 3 carcinogens?

That normally gets them stumped, if they answer that question I point out the fact that it was a rhetorical question. Next thing I usually hear is that GMO crops produce greater yields and will help feed hungry people. The country that grows the most GMO crops is the USA (1). USA also has the highest rate of obesity! So I think it is fair to say that most Americans are well fed. (Quantity of food not quality).

The notion that GMO crops produce greater yields just doesn’t hold up under scrutiny (1,2) If anything the fact that we are getting greater yields could be more likely due to better agricultural methods. Furthermore, GMO crops do not do well in droughts!

My main concern is the lack of long-term testing on human consumption of GMO’s, when we eat food that has it’s DNA altered then what is that doing to our body’s? Your body constantly replaces it cells and uses ‘building blocks’ from the food we eat so does that mean that our cells are made up of genetically altered cells? Long term studies (decades at least) should have been carried out before GMO’s were ever approved but having said that, who would want to volunteer for such a study?

If there is anything I have missed out or gotten wrong then please let me know in the comments section.

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  • knifemare69

    It’s not even worth arguing with GMO sheep. Let them take their smug and facetious ‘pro-science’ attitudes right along with all the chemotherapy and cancer treatments they will get because of their willful ignorance and stupidity.

    People who put their trust in government and corporations ALWAYS get what they deserve…

    • SkepticNinja

      I understand where you are coming from and I personally find it very frustrating, but the only way to bring down Monsanto and end GMO’s is to vote with our dollars, stop buying their toxic food which will force farmers to stop buying their seeds, which will force shareholders to stop investing in Monsanto etc.

      So argue with sheep we must…

  • Henri Naths

    Yes the fact is gmo crops spreads genetic pollution to which there is no going back.Through pollination, crops are alerted forever. Why should Monsanto be allowed to force their flawed ideallolgy and science on all of mankind?

  • Tiger

    There are SEVERAL Categories of Pro GMO characters..

    1. Ignorant, Not Scientifically savvy or knowledgeable about Genetics or GM organisms. Not technically Competent to make an Informed Judgement..

    These guys have generally bought the GM +ve mktg arguments hook, line & sinker.. and are SOLD.. but Clueless. When some of them LEARN that even Monsanto’s Canteen ONLY serves Organic non-GMO food, or that the LOUD Mouthed Government Shouting mouthpieces FOR GM Food – ONLY feed their Families Pure ORGANIC produce – ie ONLY NON GMO Food.. and WON’T TOUCH GMO Foods Personally.. THEN these guys are SHOCKED, Unable to Accept or Comprehend THAT.. get disillusioned – and ONLY CATCH On to the REAL Shell CON GAME that GMO Food IS.. They either remain in a state of Denial – or catch on to the FACT that it is a Complex Agenda – supported by the US Govt which is IN BED WITH the GMO INDUSTRY – OR they quickly catch on to the FINANCIAL possibilities – of becoming PAID professional GMO Cheer Leaders -All FOR A BUCK !!

    2. The Scientific Knowledgeable or Tech Savvy at genetics. Two sub categories here. The Savvy ones realise there is a Govt Industry CARTEL AGENDA – and regardless of their REAL Convictions or IDEAS – Go ALONG and make the APPROPRIATE NOISES of SUPPORT. ie – they SHOW LOYALTY .. as they realise that their Futures, JOBS and Careers and their Current MONEY TREES – lie Squarely in the Hands of the Govt – Industry CARTEL promoting GMOs as an AGENDA.

    The other SUB Category – are the BELIEVERS – Blind to ALL Evidence – such as the Short 90 day Testing Period for ascertaining Harm due to GMO Crops – to other Organisms. And BLIND to the extensive, detailed lengthy SERALINI Trials and Extensive Research results – and the LIES and BS that the GMO Industry has Peddled.. its FALSE CLAIMS – such as Increased Yield, or increased Resistance. These are CULTISTS, the DEVOTED, MIINDLESS or CONVERTED – to whom BLACK is WHITE – whose Minds are Already made up -Not OPEN – and are Willing and HAPPY to Fight these Issues – on the Basis of Spurious Data, Spurious Claims – and DODGY DISHONEST Scientists and Scientific Administrators – who CONTROL this DOMAIN and BATTLE GROUND – and who use Scorched Earth Tactics – to BLOW AWAY their opponents.. regardless of the real Damage it makes to their OWN Positions and claims of No BIAS. or NEUTRALITY and SCIENTIFIC TEMPER.

    Plus there are the professional PAID SHOCK TROOPS, NET TROLLS and other SCUM – who revel in their ROLES as PAID Soldiers of the GMO Armies – Blasting Its CRITICS. As long as THEY ARE PAID !!

    3 Lastly – there are the DISHONEST TOP DOGS – heading the Seats of POWER in the GMO Franchises, Industries, Top Mgmts, Govt Bureaucrats, Senators and Congressmen ..bribed and Well Compensated for their SUPPORT to the GMO Armies and AGENDA. Including the Judiciary and All others in Govt, Regulatory Agencies, Diplomats or those CIA GUYS ( State Dept is their Reporting LINE) who masquerade under Diplomatic Cover in US Embassies and Consulates Overseas – their main aim being Commercial and Economic Intelligence – and Influence Peddling, Bribery and ThREATS -and INDUCEMENTS – to Steer Foreign govt Policy towards being favoura3rd countries. Their DIRTY TRICKS – thru Surveillance, Eavesdropping – and pressurising the Compromised politicians into Supporting GMO Agendas – are the AIM. Always WITh SWEETENERS and INDUCEMENTS.. Financial and Otherwise..



    THAT is the WAY to DEAL with THEM, THEIR MASTERS, Their FAMILIES – and THEIR TROOPS… TILL THEY have LOST ALL CREDIBIITY.. and Slink Away / Leave – with their Tails between their Legs ! As a LOST CAUSE.. trying to establish a BEACH HEAD Overseas.. And to their AGENDA.. a LOST CAUSE.


    We NEED to BE MORE SO… More Determined and RESOLUTE – than THEM.

    • Owen

      This is rare to see here but I am pro GMO and I know over 100 people who eat GMO’s and are vaccinated and have no health problems from it so I think you are the ignorant sheep and vegetable munchers who think the government is trying to poison us.

      • Tiger

        Owen.. Eat ALL the GMO that you want… Good Luck with that !!

        The evidence suggests you may not LIVE to regret it !