THIS Will Happen If You Do Plank Exercise Every Day

THIS Will Happen If You Do Plank Exercise Every Day

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The plank is one of the best ab exercises you’ll ever do. Unlike crunches or sit ups, this exercise doesn’t put pressure on the spine. And it’s totally safe to do it every day.

Well, the benefits of this exercise go beyond ripped abs and a strong core. And who doesn’t love an exercise that doesn’t require weights or any equipment. In fact, you only need less than 10 minutes to perform the plank.

But before I tell you the many benefits of this exercise, you should first learn how to perform it properly. Watch this video for plank proper form.

Now, here are the 8 benefits of doing the plank exercise each single day.

1. Your back pain will disappear

I mentioned above that some ab exercises cause back pain, well, the plank eliminates it. According to the American Council of exercises, doing the plank reduces lower back and strengthens the entire back.

For one thing, this exercise stretches and strengthens the hip flexors – muscles which cause lower back pain when weak or tight.

2. Your posture will improve

Bad posture is common nowadays because most people spend most of the time sitting. The plank strengthens the ab muscles and psoas, and these muscles play a huge role in maintaining proper posture. If you have an arched lower back, doing the plank will help align the spine back to its neutral position.

3. Your flexibility will improve

The plank stretches both the upper body and lower body. In the lower body it stretches the hips, hamstrings and the toes. While in the upper body it stretches the shoulders blades and collarbone. Well, did you know that flexible muscles are stronger than tight ones?

4. Your metabolism will go up

The body uses a lot of energy to perform the plank exercise because it targets different core muscles. Which means the plank will boost your metabolism during and after the workout. Doing the plank several times a day will definitely help you burn more fat.

5. You’ll gain mental toughness

If you’ve ever done the plank you know that you need mental strength to hold the rep for an extra 10 seconds. As you continue to increase the duration of your reps, your mental strength will improve. And this mental toughness will benefit you in other aspects of life.

6. Your balance and stability will improve

Most of us lack balance due to a weak cores. The plank strengthens the oblique and ab muscles which play a vital role in maintaining balance.

7. Your stomach will be flatter

You see, the plank doesn’t just strengthen the external ab muscles it also activates the internal ab muscles. The internal ab muscles wrap the abdomen and support the internal organs. These muscles will tighten when you train them and automatically make the belly smaller.

8. You’ll become more self-reliant

We use the core in almost every movement, walking, lifting things, jumping and so on. Once you strengthen your core it will be easier to perform tasks you couldn’t do by yourself. You won’t have to ask for help every time you want to move something.

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